Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the "All Singles New Year's Eve"

For the past 13 years, SingleSync, Gourmet Connections, New Single Friends and the Chicago Social Network have been hosting the "All Singles New Year's Eve."  

Rest assured, It is not some over-priced "cattle call" with lousy food in a "drink and drown" bar with a strange crowd that you wouldn't dare associate during any other time of the year.
We all did that scene decades ago.

Instead, this party is a quality get-together, geared to single professionals. And the cost for advance reservations by December 25, is an affordable $60. Not cheap, but for what you are getting, it is an excellent value.

This is a dressy party with excellent food and music held in the "La Dolce Vita Room" of *Moretti's Ristorante* in Edison Park. Several times in the past this party was picked by the local media as being among the best NYE parties in the entire Chicagoland area.

What do we mean by excellent food?

Lots of parties talk about good food and serve banquet chicken and cold pasta. By excellent food, we mean that the luscious buffet of appetizers, chilled shrimp, gourmet pizzas and flatbreads to munch on before dinner, followed by a dinner with your choice of steak, salmon, chicken limone, salad, side dishes, dessert and coffee. The food is of the highest quality and plentiful.

What do we mean by dressy?

By "dressy," most women wear cocktail attire while some even wear gowns. Men generally wear suits or sportcoats and ties, with some wearing tuxes.

What about the ages and the balance of the participants?

The age range of the crowd generally runs from late 30s through the mid-60s. The large majority of attendees are in their 40s and 50s. Keep in mind, we do not check IDs, so if you fall outside those parameters, no big deal. Historically, there has been a balance of around 45% guys to 55% women.  

Do people attend the party by themselves? Is it a lot of couples? Are people friendly?

Usually 80-90% of the attendees come to the party by themselves. There are some couples, and they are welcome to attend, but it is mostly unattached singles. In our history, this party has led to more relationships and even marriages than any other. Everybody is very friendly and outgoing.

Do people actually dance at this party?

A better question is, "When do people ever stop dancing at this party?" After dinner, the DJ keeps the music coming. He plays all kinds of danceable songs, mainly from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. Most of the floor of the restaurant is hardwood, so people keep dancing all night long. They dance in 2s or 4s or 6s, as partners, or in lines or circles   -- it just keeps going. Not a dancer? You can still enjoy the conversation and the music.

Are drinks included? Do I need a hotel room?

NYE parties that include a drink package usually pour low quality choices or charge an arm and a leg. So, in order to keep the price of the event affordable, drinks are not included, except for the champagne toast at midnight. Given that most of the attendees drive that night, they don't drink to excess. If you do need a hotel room, there are some nearby in Rosemont, or the Metra Station is just across the street from the restaurant.

We hope that you decide to join us for a wonderful evening of food, drink, conversation and dancing.
And, most of all,